United Kingdom, Essex

Job Length Negotiable contract length

Salary Initial bursary to support training and then salary of between £90,000 to £110,000

GP Jobs in the UK via I&R Scheme

Open to: All GPs (overseas and UK based) Reference: UK1801 Start Date: Various start dates through 2108 / 2019
These vacancies are for Overseas-trained GPs and UK GPs who’ve not worked in UK General Practice for over two years. You'll be attached to a practice taking part in the NHS Induction & Refresher Scheme (I&R) and then be supported to gain UK qualifications in General Practice. We have vacancies in different parts of the UK. Please email for more information: info@overseasdoctorjobs.com or call +44(0)1483 763102

Induction & Refresher Scheme

This is a national NHS scheme to help GPs join or get back into GP Practice in the UK. It is open to UK trained GPs who’ve either been out of General Practice altogether for over two years or who’ve been working overseas. It is also open to GPs who’ve never worked in the UK before – as a training scheme to introduce you to UK general practice. * You don’t need to be part of the Induction & Refresher scheme if you have worked in the UK within the last 2 years and you are still on the GMC/GP register. If this is the case, you can work in the UK without needing to do an I&R course.


These jobs are open to several different groups of Family Medicine / GP doctors:
  • EU-trained / EU nationals who have a recognised Family Medicine degree and good English (at IELTS 6.5 / 7.0 initially)
  • UK-trained GPs who have been out of General Practice in the UK for more than 2 years
  • Australian / New Zealand / Canadian trained GPs. It is expected that the UK will recognise your qualifications  - please contact us for an update on when this will start
  • Other overseas-trained family medicine specialists with GMC registration and good English (at IELTS 6.5 / 7.0 initially).

Additional Information

  • Money available to help with relocation
  • Induction and Refresher scheme to assist with getting used to UK GP work
  • And, if you trained outside of the EU, recognition of your overseas qualifications and experience and visa sponsorship via NHS England
  • There’s money available to help with relocation to one of the 11 key areas for GP recruitment in 2017 / 2018:
    • Humber Coast and Vale
    • North East
    • Middleton, Heywood and Rochdale
    • Staffordshire
    • Mid Nottinghamshire (Mansfield and Newark)
    • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
    • Norfolk and Suffolk
    • Birmingham and Solihull
    • Kent and Medway
    • South East London
    • North East London

Contact Details

For more information, please contact Paul Brooks on +44(0)1483 763102 or by email to info@overseasdoctorjobs.com