What Do GPs in the UK Get paid?

Salaries for GPs vary according to the length of contract, previous experience and hours worked. 

For the majority of GPs, salaries will £95,000 or more after a few years of experience.

Salaries are based on a working week of 40 hours, split into 10 sessions. Each session is 4 hours long with usually 3 hours spent seeing patients at 10 minute intervals and 1 hour spent on administration and bookkeeping.

Initially, if your on the GP Induction & Refresher Scheme, you’ll be paid a bursary of up to £3,500 per month plus help with relocation.


Other Benefits

The NHS has an excellent pension scheme and is significantly better than anything to be found in the private sector. The scheme works by you electing to put part of your salary (currently 6%) into a pension pot. The NHS then tops this up with a further amount (currently 14%). These figures are based on your basic salary – not the salary including banding, bonuses etc.

Private sector companies usually also have a pension scheme but it typically is a 5% / 5% scheme (ie you put in 5% and your employer adds a further 5%)


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