Are You Eligible to Work in the UK?

GP jobs in the UK

There is currently a shortage of  GPs – so there are opportunities for doctors from both within the EU and from further afield to get a job in the UK.

General Requirements

You can apply, through us, for one of the training schemes, which will allow you to gain the qualifications needed to be a GP in the UK. As a starting point, you will need to have good English (at a level of 6.5 IELTS) and to have completed your GP training. You will also need to have GMC registration (though not necessarily a licence to practice).

If you don’t already hold GMC registration, then please have a look at this website for more information: There is a section under “Registration and Licensing”. Then click on the“Before you apply” section listed in the left hand column. This gives detailed information on the clinical and language requirements needed.

For UK trained GPs coming back into General Practice after fewer than 2 years out

Move straight back into General Practice. You don’t need to undertake any refresher course or go through re-validation. You will need to be registered on the GMC GP register and be listed on a Performers’ List.

Browse through our vacancies to find a practice to suit.

Contact us for more information about getting back onto the GMC register and/or onto a Performers’ List:

For Overseas-trained GPs and UK GPs who’ve not worked in UK General Practice for over two year

Induction & Refresher Scheme

This is a national NHS scheme to help GPs join or get back into GP Practice in the UK.

It is open to UK trained GPs who’ve either been out of General Practice altogether for over two years or who’ve been working overseas.

It is also open to GPs who’ve never worked in the UK before – as a training scheme to introduce you to UK general practice.

* You don’t need to be part of the Induction & Refresher scheme if you have worked in the UK within the last 2 years and you are still on the GMC/GP register. If this is the case, you can work in the UK without needing to do an I&R course.