Australia What Do Doctors Get Paid

The payment mechanism for GPs in Australia is quite complex – you are paid a commission based on the billings you do, which in turn is based on the number of patients / types of illness you see each day.

As a guide, you’re likely to bill around $380,000 to $440,000 to patients / Medicare in your first year and have gross earnings of between $240,000 to $300,000.

Different Types of GP Practices

Different types of GP practices offer different deals. As a generalization, corporately owned practices usually make a lump sum payment to doctors coming from overseas. They then offer a slightly lower percentage to compensate. Privately owned practices usually don’t have money available for a lump sum but can offer a slightly better percentage. Overall though the total amount you’ll get over, say, 3 years is roughly the same, whichever type of practice you work for. The figures are negotiable and do depend on how long a contract you’re willing to agree to.

Different Parts of Australia

Australia directs incoming GPs to work in areas where there are shortages. The system is called DWS (District of Workforce Shortage) and for “ordinary” GP work, you’ll only get a Medicare billing number if you’re in one of these areas. (Medicare is the Australian version of the NHS). DWS GP jobs can be in suburban areas around the main cities (particularly around Perth in Western Australia) and in bigger towns in more rural areas. Usually, you’ll be within 1 hour of the city centre and sometimes a bit closer than this.  The exception is Sydney, where there are very few DWS areas within easy striking distance of the “CBD” (Central Business District).