Are you eligible to work in Australia?


All of the jobs we have in Australia are for GPs.

Employers are primarily looking for doctors who’ve trained and worked in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Canada or Singapore, so you’ll need to have specialist qualifications from one of these countries as well as membership of the appropriate Royal College (Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand & Canada).

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have any vacancies for GPs who have trained outside of the countries above.

Our jobs are open to “Category 1″ doctors as assessed by the AMC. For UK or Irish GPs this equates to having MRCGP by examination or JCPTGP / CCT / PMETB qualifications – or if you are from Ireland, MICGP.

AMC / RACGP registration

Eligibility for general practice jobs

For these vacancies, doctors must be classified by the RACGP (Royal Australian College of GPs) as being at the same level as an Australian trained specialist and for whom there is no need for a College examination, no assessment of general practice experience, and no further training required. This is “Category 1″. If you’ve trained in the UK and you have either a CCT or hold the old JCPTGP certificate or were assessed by PMETB and you have membership of the RCGP, then you should be a category 1 doctor. Holders of a recent CEGPR (ie issued since PMETB was absorbed within the GMC) may find they are assessed as Category 2 as the AMCGP does not yet recognise the new GMC method of assessing GP training equivalence. If you’ve trained in Ireland and you’re a graduate of the ICGP and hold MICGP membership, then you should also be classed as Category 1.

There is more information on registration on the RACGP website:


Once you have a job, your employer will sponsor you for a “457 Business visa”. This is relatively straightforward to obtain, taking about a month. You may well need to have a medical as part of the visa process but this can be done in the UK or Ireland (or other country if you’re currently not in the UK / Ireland).