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The way we work

Our advice and placement service is free of charge

EU Health Staff Ltd does not charge candidates for its services. We are paid by our client hospitals and healthcare companies to find doctors with specific skills who can fill their vacancies.

We understand that looking for a new job, particularly in another country is a stressful and challenging thing to do. Our aim is to help ease the process. We will always strive to give you accurate and balanced advice on job opportunities and offers as well as information on moving to another country to live and work

In return, we ask that candidates respect the following:

When you apply to us:

a)      As well as your clinical and language skills, please would you let us know about:

  1. Start date. All of our clients are looking for candidates who can start as soon as possible. Please would you let us know approximately when you would be able to start.
  2. Registration with the relevant medical council. You will need to be fully registered with the relevant medical authorities by the time you start work. If you are not already registered, please would you let us know now where you are in the process and then we can advise further.

b)      Personal Data. By sending us your CV and contact details you agree that we may send your CV to our clients. If you do not want us to do this or if at any time you no longer want us to hold your information on record for any reason, please let us know and we will delete your records from our system.

c)       Partner agencies. We work with other agencies in the UK, the EU and other countries. Sometimes, these partner agencies may have job opportunities which might suit you. In these cases, we will contact you to let you know that we would like to pass on your CV to those agencies. If you don’t want us to do this, please let us know.

d)      Please keep us informed of any changes in your circumstances. For example, please let us know if you are no longer looking for a job so that we don’t put your CV forward to clients.

If we contact you to put you forward for an interview:

a)       We ask that you let us know as soon as possible whether you would like to have the interview.

b)      It is useful for our clients to know if you have other interviews arranged or already have other job offers.  We respect your privacy on this subject but if you are willing to tell us, our client may speed up the interview process or change the offer they make to you.

c)       Please let us know if you think there is anything else which would materially affect your acceptance of a job offer. For example, please discuss with us concerns you have about moving country, potential start date, salary, training opportunities, the clinical work / grade on offer or if you are worried about getting references or occupational health clearance

If we arrange a job offer for you:

While our service is free, we ask the following of our candidates
a) Please keep in touch with us by responding to emails or texts – if only to say “no thanks”. It is particularly important that we get feedback from you about interviews and job offers so that we can pass this onto the client. Obviously, we’d like to know if you’re keen on a particular job. However, it is also important to hear back if:
i) You’re undecided or have queries about the details, so that we can ask the client to hold off interviewing other candidates for a while, to give you time to decide
ii) If the job is not for you, so that we can let the client know that they should interview other doctors.

b) If you do accept a job offer from our client, they will stop looking for other candidates and will make preparations for you to come and join them. In return, they will expect you to stop looking for other jobs and to take up this job on the agreed date. You must let us know as soon as possible if you can foresee any reasons which might mean you can’t do this. We can usually make arrangements to help with these matters if we know in advance.

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