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Other things to think about

There’s a load of things to think about when moving from one country to another.

And without any real order of priority, these are the things that our candidates have said to us that they’ve had to consider:

a)             Schools. Having said there’s no priority to this list, the availability of good schools for your children is often at the top of the list for parents  when deciding where to live & work. Most big cities have international schools and a range of both private and public schools. More remote communities have less choice but that may be more than made up for by the sheer joy in living in very different environment. Australia has a well deserved reputation for being just about the best country to bring up children.

b)            Pets. You should be able to take your pets with you but it is worth checking the individual country requirements in terms of documentation and medical history. It will be expensive. As well as the travel cost, you should budget for a period in quarantine

c)             What to do with your current house? Opinion seems to be divided on this. Some are selling up, others planning to let out on long lets via an agency. One or two are in the fortunate (financial) position of not needing to sell or let out. If either of the latter apply, please add to your “to do” list to contact the insurance company, mortgage company and any security company you use to let them know.

d)            Should you buy a house or just rent in your new country?  Our advice is to rent first and while you’re settling in, figure out the property market. Even though you may be on a work visa which has a limited time span (for example a 457 visa in Australia), you should be able to get a mortgage

e)             Cars. If you’re moving between EU countries, it might be worth taking your own car. For intercontinental moves, it’s unlikely to be so. However, there are exceptions to this. If you’ve got a large family and you use a people carrier, and you’re moving to Australia or New Zealand, then check out the prices of people carriers out there before you sell yours here – they are surprisingly expensive out there

f)              Visiting home. If you’re planning to go him each your to visit friends and relatives, it might be worth negotiating extra holiday time at the outset. Trips back to the UK from Australia soon eat up into the holiday allocation. Usually, employers are sympathetic on this point and it should be easy to negotiate and extra week or two


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