What do GPs get paid in Canada?

How much do GPs earn in Canada?

Incomes for GPs in Canada vary. Our clients are currently offering jobs with expected earnings of $300,000, $325,000 and $425,000. 

For the majority of GP jobs , you’ll be paid on a “fee per service” basis and thus the income is related to the number of patients seen. Typically, gross billings (i.e the total you bill to patients for your consultations) will be $400,000 to $500,000 per annum . You should then receive around 65% to 70% of this (the percentage may vary but with all “other costs” included, this is a representative percentage for you).  Your income is then subject to tax (allowing for some expenses such as Medical Defence). After a few years, you should see your gross billings rise, with a consequent increase in net earnings.

How long are the contracts?

At the moment, our clients are looking for doctors who can make a long term commitment. Typically, this means around 2 to 5 years