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Registration process to become a GP in CanadaMCCEEVisas and Work Permits

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All of the GP jobs in Canada we have are primarily for UK or Irish or Canadian trained GPs

Eligibility to work in Canada is decided by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and each Province or Territory’s Medical Council. It is largely based on the training you’ve had as a GP and the successful completion of the MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam).

In Alberta the process is as follows:

The main consideration with Canada is in getting registration to work in Alberta. This shouldn’t be a major hurdle if you’ve got MRCGP or MICGP etc but it does mean that you will need to take another exam – the MCCEE. In addition, once you have your MCCEE, you will need a “Letter of Eligibility” (a sort of pre-registration letter) from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. This is straightforward to get once you have your MCCEE

Once you’ve got this, the interview(s) can go ahead. If it all works out fine, then you’ll need to get full registration. After that, it’s visas and work permits and then a flight out there!

We and your employer will advise and help you through the process, including sponsoring you for registration and visas

The following is a quick run through of the procedure for Alberta:

You need to be eligible to register with both the CPSA (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta) and the CFPC (College of Family Physicians of Canada).

First step
Second step
Third Step
Fourth step
Fifth Step

The MCCEE is the Canadian entrance exam which all medics have to take if they plan to work in Canada long term. There are occasional exemptions from the MCCEE but these are usually for doctors willing to working in (very) remote areas or in specific provinces (New Brunswick, I think is the main one at the moment, which doesn’t formally require you to take it). However, jobs in these areas are either very hard to get (New Brunswick, for example, despite having vacancies, has no money to pay the doctors) and the jobs are relatively poorly paid (without the MCCEE, you are required to be fully supervised, which impacts significantly on your income as your supervisor takes a share).

The MCCEE is quite costly ($1,650) and time consuming (typically a 3 month lead time).  But it doesn’t “expire” as a qualification and it should be straightforward for you to take. All our candidates who’ve taken it have passed and then gone on to get registration in the normal way

The test can be done at various  sites around the world (including 2 in the UK and 1 in Ireland).

These links will give you more information: 

Background information: 

Detailed application information: 

List of countries

The dates for the test are here (next practical date is in September 2014):

There are some further resources on the exam itself here:

And this site has some practice questions:

Our clients and ourselves will help arrange work visas for you once you’ve been offered a job.

This is a brief run through of what needs to be done

You’ll need a Work Permit to work in Canada. The application needs to be initiated by your employer. They do this by asking for an LMO (a Labour Market Opinion), which confirms that there isn’t a local candidate who can fill the vacancy and thus it is OK to offer the job to you, coming from outside of Canada. Usually this is straightforward but it can take time, depending on whether the practice needs to advertise the job beforehand. Once the practice has the LMO, then you will get a Work Permit, subject to the medical (see below)

You will need a medical in order to get a work permit. When you reach this stage of the process, you will need to apply for a visa to go to Canada (ordinarily as a UK / Irish citizen you don’t need this but it is the route used to get an “official” medical).  This will give you a Visa issue number, which you then use to arrange a formal medical. Only when the result of this has been received will you be able to complete the work permit application and be allowed to enter Canada to start work.

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