GP Jobs in Canada

GP jobs in Canada

Please note that the jobs in Canada are on hold at the moment as Alberta are not accepting IMG (International Medical Graduates) for the vacancies in the main urban areas.

However, we believe this may change during 2018, so we are looking for UK or Irish trained GPs who are interested in working in Canada.

In brief, it is likely that eligibility will be based on UK or Irish qualifications – ie the jobs will be open to GPs who hold MRCGP or MICGP

We will publish more details on this website when more information becomes available. In the meantime, please feel free to register your interest by emailing:


GP Jobs in Canada

We are expecting to have vacancies in Primary Care (GP clinics) in Ontario and Alberta. More news on this during the early part of 2018


You will need to be a UK or Irish national to apply for these vacancies